The Last Yeti: Cover and Blurb

thelastyeticoversmallLoss. Sometimes it’s slow and inexorable. Sometimes it happens in an instant.

Jrake is a yeti-shifter who has lost contact with others of his ancient species. Emerging from years of self-imposed isolation, Jrake is now desperate to find proof that he’s not alone in a world full of the humans he hates.

Rohn Sheldon is a man who lost everything that mattered to him in a devastating moment of inattention. Gone are his lover, his right arm, and his career. His belief in himself is at an all time low as he struggles to find a place in a world he’s no longer sure he wants to belong to.

Two men, one facing cataclysm, the other fighting his way back from it. Can they find hope in each other?

The Last Yeti is a novel of approximately 67,567 words, set in Alaska and written as part of the Love is an Open Road Anthology (Don’t Read in the Closet, 2015).

Here is the prompt that inspired me to write The Last Yeti:

Dear Author,

Yetis are made to wander the wilderness mostly alone, and only meet up occasionally. For three long years I have searched the earth and, finally, I have accepted it: I am the last of my kind. I do not belong in the world of people or technology, but the only other choice is dying of loneliness. I have managed to create a life on the edge of society, terrified to come close, terrified of being recognized as the monster only little children believe in. Lately I have realized staying in the wilds may have been a less desolate life.

Can you maybe find me someone to be alone with together? I don’t have a setting or specific guys in mind. It could be set up in Alaska, in a big city or on a tropical island. I would like a world where there are no other shifters or other paranormal beings. I like contemporary, like plot complementing hot steaminess, and prefer angst over sweetness. Happy endings are not necessary and a HFN does a lot more for me than HEA. No kids please, no mysteries, and no BDSM, but otherwise I’m open to almost everything.


An extension of the Don’t Read in the Closet event from the M/M Romance Group at – a collection of free M/M short stories, novellas and novels. The stories were written by members of the GoodReads M/M Romance group for the 2015 Love is an Open Road event. They are based on photographs and prompts provided by members of the same group.


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