The Last Yeti: Cover Update

A few days ago another Love’s an Open Road Story came out that included one of the stock images I’d chosen for my cover and the placement of that image was exactly the same as well. What are the chances?! After several trials and errors, I came up with a version in which my cover is different enough that I feel okay with using the image (which I love still).

I am sending many thanks to the wonderful members of the M/M Romance and M/M Romance Writers groups on Goodreads for suggestions that helped me to come up with the revised cover (to the left). You guys are so awesome.

Also, you may note that the cover says Book One. that’s because Rohn and Jrake have more story to share and Book Two is already on the drawing board.

But for those who have asked, there is NO CLIFFHANGER ending in The Last Yeti. I don’t like those myself, and always strive for a HFN/HEA ending.


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