RELEASE DAY for The Last Yeti

The big day has finally come—I am now officially a published writer! *gasp* It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a young child who moved way to often to be able to make real friends. Instead, I found them in the pages of books. I hope that some will find enjoyment in reading Jrake and Rohn’s story. I definitely enjoyed writing it.

Anyone interested can download the book in ePub, Mobi, or PDF for FREE online here. I will be releasing an UPDATED and EXPANDED version of the story soon.

For those how have a kindle and are not aware of how to get a downloaded file from their computer onto it, there are a few ways. Each Kindle is assigned a unique email address. So you can email your mobi file to the address associated with your kindle. If you don’t know your kindle’s email address, you can find it on Amazon in the “Manage your Content & Devices” section. You can also download a program called SEND TO KINDLE or Calibre.

More how-to instructions can be found on these sites:
For Kindle:
For Nook:

Have a good week everyone.



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