Drawing Love Available NOW

After lots of flailing around, I finally did it!
Drawing Love is now available to purchase from Amazon.

It’s a sweet, no-sex, short story of 19 pages according to Amazon’s calculations. I learned quite a bit with this story. First off, that shorter does NOT mean easier… at least not for me. Originally, I was attempting to write a Valentine short under 6K to submit for an anthology, but after four attempts at writing stories that went way too long, I ended up missing their submission deadline. But by then I had this story in the works and decided to try and finish the project. My wonderful beta readers had positive things to say about my little story… {takes a minute to send hugs to all of them for the encouragement}… so I decided to complete the process and put the story out myself.

Drawing Love is my very first foray into the world of self-publishing, and it allowed me to learn the ropes in advance of having the revision of my full-length novel ready to publish. In retrospect, I can’t say the self-pub process was difficult, but there was definitely enough ropes to get myself tangled up several times. I’m grateful to my author friends on Goodreads for helping me extricate myself from the fetters more than once and get on with it.

Now back to work on the next project!


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