Drawing Love FREE Day and Correction

I am giving away my short Drawing Love free on Amazon on Thursday, March 24th.

If you picked it up on the first free day the beginning of March, well I’d like to apologize as last week I found two small typos in the original version. They have now been corrected and a shiny NEW version uploaded to Amazon. If anyone got their copy on the previous free day and have not yet read it, then on Thursday you’ll have the opportunity to replace it with the new version. Here’s how it should work: first delete it from your Amazon account (on Manage Your Content and Devices on the web site, not on your Kindle) by clicking on the little …. box and then choosing delete. Purchase it for free again during the free day on Thursday and you’ll have the corrected version for a better reading experience.

If that seems too much trouble to go to for a short story, please be aware that the typos in the original were just two small, single word ones which shouldn’t impact most people’s reading experience very much. But I did want to give those who would like the corrected version an opportunity to have it for free.

Thanks so much to all who have read or will read my first self-published story. Have a great day.


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