Author Favorites, Facts, & Fun

  • Do I listen to music when writing?
    I usually create a playlist for stories/characters and listen to it on repeat while writing. The constant repetition turns it into a mood-setting background noise and can eventually generate a sort of Pavlovian stimulus-response.
  • What are a few of my favorite things?
    – Reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy
    – Rain
    – Road trips
    – Drawing and painting, mostly animals, especially dogs
    – Hiking with dogs
    – Um… dogs.
  • Who are some of my favorite M/M characters or couples?
    – Phillipe/Chevalier from Ovation’s  Versailles television series
    – Draven from Jaye McKenna’s Guardian of the Pattern series
    – Kenneth Harris aka Kenshin from H.J. Brue’s The Way of the Yakuza series
    – Prince Laurent of Vere from C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince series