Flash Fiction are stories of EXACTLY 100 words! No more, no less. All were written from a PHOTO PROMPT provided on the M/M Romance group or the YA LGBT group. A few of these have resulted in ideas for longer projects which are currently on my agenda. More to come as time permits… as always, thanks for reading.

WARNING: Some (not all) photos are NSFW, click to view at your discretion.

Let Them See –  View Image

Sitting in our usual place on the bridge, we faced each other. Damon scooted forward until our knees bumped and took hold of my hands. Unable to look at him, I fixed my gaze on the rushing current below and told myself it was the water’s movement making me dizzy, not Damon’s closeness.


Tentatively, I lifted my eyes. He was so close. So beautiful. So right. I trembled as a force stronger than gravity pulled me inexorably forward. The instant my lips brushed his, all awareness of the windows looming over us vanished on the breeze.

Let them see.

Marooned –  View NSFW Image

Shane awoke to burning skin, air that scorched his lungs with each breath, and a vivid teal sun blazing above.


Moving hurt, but he forced himself up and looked around. Barren aquamarine sand stretched to the horizon. A few yards away, Alan lay naked and unmoving. Shane’s heart stuttered.

He scrambled over, lifted Alan’s head and cradled it on his bare thighs. Leaning over, he put an ear to Alan’s parted lips, held his breath, and listened. Faint, shallow breathing. Weak with relief, he exhaled and brushed his lips over Alan’s.

His partner needed help, but where were they?

Trust – View NSFW Image

Silver lay face down on the rumpled white sheets, naked, but not bound, gun within easy reach. His powerful body remained still, awaiting punishment. Only the tense, sweat-slick muscles gave away how much effort doing so cost him.

Lem trailed a finger along the curve of that gorgeous ass. Warm, familiar skin quivered beneath his touch, making his chest wrench. God, he didn’t want to do this. Silver wasn’t like the others.

“Get on with it,” said a voice from the shadows. “One way or the other. Your choice.”

Slowly, Lem’s hand relinquished warm skin and closed around cold metal.

Merman – View NSFW Image

Ermi’s knuckles grazed my nipple. I gasped, dropped my eyes to his lips, and willed him to close the gap. Instead, he fisted the pearls dangling between us.

“Promise me you won’t dive for these anymore.”

“I can’t.”

“You mean won’t.” His eyes narrowed, and he bared sharp white teeth. “You go too deep and there’s… sharks. Money isn’t worth your life, mi triton.”

Despite that particular endearment, he didn’t believe. I’d fallen for a man deathly afraid of the sea who’d never see my true form, never know me.

“But I enjoy playing with sharks, mi tiburon,” I whispered.

Found – View Image

I stopped short and gasped. Jet Moran lounged in my tiny kitchen. His presence sucked the air from the room and from my lungs. Heart pounding, hand shaking, I closed and locked the door behind me.

His pose was as deliberate as his attire, calculated to show off long legs, muscular arms, and a lithe torso. But it was his eyes that got me every time. One glance and I knew I didn’t have it in me to fight him, no matter what I knew him to be. I’d be his tonight. Alive. Adored. Completely fulfilled.

Tomorrow I’d run again.

Pick Up – View Image

“You totally look like Clark Gable in that jacket.” The words flew from my unruly mouth. Nice opening line, huh? I cringed and waited for dark and sexy to blow me off.

“What Gable role would I need to play to woo you tonight?”

Woo me? I had no money and nowhere to go. I was easy. But this was Hollywood, not Kansas. Most guys were actors or wannabes fresh off the bus. Like me. I should play along, except…

“Um… I’m not really an old movie buff.”

He took my hand. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

What Lurks Beneath – View Image

Brian and I were headed for the kitchen, trays piled high with empty dishes.

“Know what they wear under those kilts?”

After an evening serving half naked guys with adorable accents, my libido was wrecked and he knew it. The guy loved to push my buttons.

“Scottish Highland regiments practically coined the term going commando.”

My tray tilted dangerously. I cursed and reached to study it.

Laughter caught my attention. Conall Nash, man of my dreams, leaned casually against the wall. Flashing a playful smile, he lifted the hem of his garment enticingly.

“Wanna check ye friend’s facts then, laddie?”

Stalker – View Image

He placed one arm on either side of me, keeping me there without actually touching. Vivid blue eyes sought mine. I didn’t move, didn’t speak. He leaned forward. His lips touched mine, tasting, not demanding.

I was glad my hands were in my pockets so they couldn’t wander somewhere embarrassing. The guy was a stalker, but he was also undeniably hot.

When he finally drew back, I was panting.

“You followed me in here,” I accused.

His brows rose. “Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

The shelves behind me seemed to tilt or maybe the whole world did.

Had it been?

Letting Go – View Image

“He’s gone.” My voice broke on the words.

“That’s what you wanted, no?” Alejandro’s thickly accented voice breathed into my hair.

Of course it was. I’d be crazy to let David waltz back after five years and reclaim me along with the furniture he’d left in storage. I’d moved on. I was with Alejandro. I was happy.

My face was smashed into Alejandro’s chest, yet I still smelled David’s cologne. I trembled, squeezed my eyes shut and held on, not for comfort, but to keep myself from running after the man I’d sent away. The man I hated, yet still loved.

Something of Value – View Image

Vince ran his hands along Dreamer’s foreleg and shook his head. Nodding toward the rifle, a raised eyebrow asked the dreaded question.

I lowered my head so my hat hid my burning eyes and drew in a deep breath. That horse was all I had left. He’d given everything I’d asked of him over the years. Now his life rested in my hands, and with forty dollars in my pocket, I couldn’t even buy him a goddamed vet exam.

Except there’d been heat in the handsome veterinarian’s lingering gaze this morning… maybe I had something of value to trade.


Warmth – View NSFW Image

“Gotta be five miles to the other side,” I calculated as we hurriedly undressed.

“You can make it.”

Wait, did he think I couldn’t? Fuck that. “Can you?”

Blue eyes raked my now nude body, and William stepped into me, forcing my ass back against the icy metal of the barge. “Probably, but that water looks cold. Might help if we got each other’s blood flowing first.”

I let him kiss me rather than mentioning the obvious hole in his logic. The armed guards stationed on the bridge would shoot us out of the water long before cold became an issue.